• To help the ‘Client Companies’ meet their objective in building the strongest team possible, with the minimum amount of management time being expended, and all at a fair cost.
  • Our references are available upon request and will definitely assist you with your initial decision-making process to use our services
  • To focus not only on simply filling the position, but on finding people who complement your team’s skills
  • To maintain strictest confidentiality at all times, BVA operating policy requires that:
    • We obtain candidate approval prior to forwarding information to a ‘Client Company’ for review, and that we
    • Also obtain prior approval before identifying the ‘Client Company’

Time is a crucial factor for both existing and emerging companies, and we understand this. That is why we provide search and recruitment services that are fast and responsive in accordance with your market.

First of all, we screen candidates, verifying applicants’ credentials and checking references. Secondly, you review the resumes of our short list and select the candidates you wish to interview.

Your hiring managers will then have the opportunity to assess the suitability of the candidate for the position.

Once your decision has been made on who you would like to hire, we present an offer on your behalf. Additionally, we help you negotiate the salary, and associated benefits, as well as any other terms of the contract, project or permanent placement.

Making the Placement is just the Beginning
We continually :

  • Work with you and follow your blueprint for hiring, by consistently seeking out individuals with high levels of expertise, experience and performance, who would be an asset to your company.

Vast Changes to the architectural structure of the Temporary Skill Base:
Added value, comes increasingly from skilled employees (in all levels of production, business and technology).

All individuals, for all types of employment, are expected to bring interpersonal skills, adaptability, and faster learning, to the assignment/placement. Staffing is now considered a key organizational tool.